International Solutions
Offshore Share Portfolio

The International Investment Portfolio is a UK Sterling denominated personalised portfolio of international shares, bonds, real estate and deposits. You may choose between two discretionary portfolio options.
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Direct UK Property Solution

First World Hybrid Real Estate Plc ("FWHRE") is a real estate investment company that invests in a combination of direct real estate and listed real estate investment trusts ("REITS").
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   International Unit Trusts
Marriott International Growth Fund

A US dollar-denominated portfolio invested in international property, bonds, cash and equities in the US, UK and Europe.

Marriott International Real Estate Fund

A US dollar-denominated portfolio which invests in listed real estate securities on international stock markets.

Marriott First World Equity Fund

A UK pound sterling-denominated, single asset class fund investing in First world mega-cap stocks (in the US, UK and Europe).

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