Perpetual Annuity      Underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Ltd (OMART), a registered long-term insurer in the Old Mutual Group.

Spend the income not the capital: draw only the income from your investment during retirement to fund your lifestyle. Our approach of matching the monthly annuity drawn to monthly income earned will ensure the capital base is not eroded, and therefore removes the risk of the annuity not lasting. The Perpetual Annuity, provides a consistent, reliable monthly income from your retirement savings.

Why invest in the Marriott Living Annuity? We can tell you TODAY with a reasonable degree of certainty:

  • Your capital is not being used to fund your pension/annuity unless you specifically choose to do so.
  • A market decline is highly unlikely to affect the amount of your pension/annuity.
  • Your capital and pension/annuity will last for a specified period as chosen.

Investment Choice:

Choose one, or a combination of Marriott's three managed funds. The Funds are actively managed to provide reliable and consistent income with long term capital growth.


  • Providing you with a consistent and reliable annuity from your retirement savings (current legislation restricts you to drawing between 2.5% - 17.5% per annum).
  • Match your income drawn to the income produced by your investment.
  • Meet your current income needs while planning for your future income needs.
  • Long-term income planning for the duration of retirement with a high degree of certainty.
  • Monthly annuity may be revised annually upon anniversary.


  • Capital may be grown, preserved or drawn down depending on your needs.
  • Ensure your capital is not eroded:
    1. Match monthly annuity drawn to the monthly income earned.
    2. Units (capital base) are not sold to provide the monthly annuity, unless opted for.
  • The value of the capital may fluctuate, but the ability of the capital base to produce income is preserved.
  • Capital is accumulated through the tax-free reinvestment of excess income, and from growth in this income.


  • Transfers from your Pension, Provident, Preservation or Retirement Annuity fund are tax free.
  • The tax deductions previously granted on contributions are preserved.
  • No Dividend Withholdings Tax.
  • Tax will be deducted by Marriott from the annuity payments in accordance with prevailing income tax legislation.
No Capital Gains Tax (CGT).


  • Rebalance your portfolio at any time, no CGT incurred.
  • Monthly annuity/income may only be revised at anniversary.


No withdrawals may be made from your capital investment.


You may nominate beneficiaries. Beneficiaries can elect to receive a lump sum (subject to tax legislation) or to transfer the investment to their own name, or another living annuity.

Technical Information

Initial Solution Fee
Annual Solution Fee
High Income Fund Class A 1.00%
Balanced Fund Class A and Worldwide Fund Class A 1.75%
High Income Fund Class C 0.75%
Balanced Fund Class C and Worldwide Fund Class C 1.25%
Initial Advisor Fee
Maximum 1.5%
Annual Advisor Fee
Maximum 0.75% for investments into the Fund of Funds Class A.
Maximum 1% for investments into the Fund of Funds Class C. (Paid from distributions)
Intermediary Admin Fee
0.25% for investments into the Fund of Funds Class A. (Paid from Marriott Annual Management Fee)
0% for investments into the Fund of Funds Class C.
Minimum Lump Sum
Minimum Additional Investment
Minimum Debit Order
Distribution Declared
Date Payable
1 to 2 working days after declaration
Quarter End Statements
February, May, August and November
Annual Tax Statements
IT3a or IRP5
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