Marriott Cash Management   
Marriott Cash Management is a money market solution that offers investors interest rates generally higher than call rates while still allowing investors access to their capital within one working day.


The Marriott Cash Management Solution is invested in the Marriott Money Market Fund Class B. This fund is a money market investment with competitive yields, low management fees and maximum security of capital. It seeks to maximise interest income while preserving capital and providing immediate liquidity through investments in high quality money market instruments. The term of these instruments will not be longer than 12 months, with an average maturity not exceeding 90 days.


You may invest a lump sum (minimum R5,000), have a monthly debit order (minimum R300), or a combination of both
You may top up or withdraw from your investment at any time
Transfer money from your Cash Management account to your bank account telephonically


Interest is calculated daily and paid or reinvested on the 1st working day of the month
The range in the terms of maturity enables investors to earn rates generally higher than call rates

Third Party Payments

Marriott Cash Management can, upon receipt of a signed instruction, facilitate payment to third parties, such as retail accounts, Telkom accounts and Utility accounts
You can also schedule recurring monthly payments, to occur on either the 15th or the last working day of every month

Daily Cut-off Times

The daily cut-off time for instructions is 12 noon, any instructions received thereafter will be processed the next working day
Withdrawal instructions received before cut-off will be processed and paid out on the same working day

Transparent Cost Structure

No Marriott initial fee
An annual management fee of 0.5% (excl. VAT)
No transaction fees

Efficient Administration

SMS or email confirmation of all transactions
Consolidated monthly reporting
Up-to-date information available on the website
Web based Secure Services for viewing of personal information