Spend the income not the capital: draw a reliable monthly income to fund your lifestyle, or reinvest the income to compound investment return. Our Income Solution provides a consistent, reliable monthly income from your personal savings.

Why invest in the Marriott Income Solution? We can tell you TODAY with a reasonable degree of certainty:

  • Your capital is not being used to fund your monthly income unless specifically and knowingly chosen.
  • A market decline is highly unlikely to affect your income.
  • Your capital and income will last for a specified period as chosen.

Investment Choice:

Choose one, or a combination of Marriott's three managed funds. The Funds are actively managed to provide reliable and consistent income with long term capital growth.


  • Providing you with a consistent and reliable income from your retirement savings.
  • Match your income drawn to the income produced by your investment.
  • Enables you to meet your current income needs while planning for your future income needs.
  • Facilitates long-term income planning with a high degree of certainty.
  • Monthly income may be revised at any time


  • Capital may be grown, preserved or drawn down depending on your needs.
  • Ensure your capital is not eroded:
    1. Match monthly income drawn to the monthly income earned.
    2. Units (capital base) are not sold to provide the monthly income, unless opted for.
  • The value of the capital may fluctuate, but the ability of the capital base to produce income is preserved.
  • Capital is accumulated through the reinvestment of excess income, and from growth in this income.


  • Dividend Withholdings Tax.
  • Income tax is applicable to the income earned from your investment.
Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on withdrawals, switches and rebalances.


  • Rebalance your portfolio at any time.
  • Monthly income may be revised at any time.


Withdrawals can be made at any time, but are a CGT event.


The investment forms part of your estate (no beneficiary nominations).

Technical Information

Initial Solution Fee
Annual Solution Fee
High Income Fund Class A 1.00%
Balanced Fund Class A and Worldwide Fund Class A 1.75%
High Income Fund Class C 0.75%
Balanced Fund Class C and Worldwide Fund Class C 1.25%
Initial Advisor Fee
Maximum 3%
Annual Advisor Fee
Maximum 0.75% for investments into the Fund of Funds Class A.
Maximum 1% for investments into the Fund of Funds Class C. (Paid from distributions)
Intermediary Admin Fee
0.25% for investments into the Fund of Funds Class A. (Paid from Marriott Annual Management Fee)
0% for investments into the Fund of Funds Class C.
Minimum Lump Sum
Minimum Additional Investment
Minimum Debit Order
Distribution Declared
Date Payable
1 to 2 working days after declaration
Quarter End Statements
February, May, August and November
Annual Tax Statements
IT3b and IT3c
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