Marriott Balanced Fund of Funds   

Fund Objective

The Marriott Balanced Fund of Funds has, as its primary objective, a growing managed income sufficient to hedge both income and capital against the effects of inflation. Investments normally to be included will be participatory interests (units) in portfolios of collective investment schemes registered in South Africa or in portfolios of collective investment schemes or similar schemes operated in territories with a regulatory environment at least equivalent to that of South Africa. Investments, apart from liquid assets, will be held in equity-based portfolios, equity-based property funds, fixed interest and other income-based portfolios in order to maximise the return over the long term. Such allocation will follow regulations governing retirement funds in South Africa. The Balanced Fund is Regulation 28 compliant and accordingly is permitted to invest up to 30% offshore without losings its prudential status.

How to access this Fund?

Speak to your Financial Advisor about investing with Marriott

Key Features

Currency ZAR
Fund Classification South African – Multi Asset – High Equity
Inception Date 1 October 2001
Unit Class A
Minimum Initial Investment R500
Minimum Additional Investment R300
Minimum Debit Order R300
Distribution Declaration Dates Last working day of the month
Distribution Payment Dates 2 to 4 working days after declaration
Risk Category Moderate
(risk category)

Fund Limits and Constraints

Prudential Guidelines and those in general provided for in the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act.

Fees and Charges (excluding VAT)

Advisor Initial Fee maximum 3.0%
Advisor Annual Fee maximum 0.5%
Marriott Initial Fee 0%
Marriott Annual Management Fee: Class A: 1.75%
Class C: 1.25%

For more details on the fees and charges, please refer to the Terms and Conditions and the Factsheet.