Core Income Fund

Fund Objective

Marriott Core Income Fund has as its primary objective a high and growing managed income. To achieve this objective, apart from assets in liquid form, the portfolio will invest in high yielding equity, interest bearing and financial instruments. All securities, non-equity securities and financial instruments are to be listed on RSA exchanges or held via portfolios of collective investment schemes comprising such instruments. The fund may from time to time invest in financial instruments in order to meet its investment objectives. The primary objective is a yield comparable with the All Bond Index (ALBI) with an important secondary consideration being growth in income.

Invest for reliable income in turbulent times

The Marriott Core Income Fund's aims to provide a high and reliable income stream to investors through the interest rate cycles. By consistently applying our income focused investment style, the Fund has a proven track record of delivering on its mandate and is ideal for moderately conservative investors with a 24-month time horizon. Core Income Fund investors can expect a high and reliable level of income, consistent inflation-beating returns, downside capital protection.

General Information

  • Currency


  • Fund Classification

South African - Multi Asset - Income

  • Unit Class


  • Inception Date

5 Febuary 2001

  • Minimum Initial Investment


  • Minimum Additional Investment


  • Minimum Debit Order


  • Distribution Declaration Dates

Last working day of the month

  • Distribution Payment Dates

3 to 4 working days after declaration

  • Risk Category

Moderately Conservative

Fund Limits and Constraints

None, other than the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act.

Fees and Charges (excluding VAT)

  • Advisor Initial Fee

Maximum 3.0%

  • Advisor Annual Fee

Maximum 0.5%

  • Marriott Initial Fee


  • Marriott Annual Management Fee


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