International Real Estate Fund   

This is a US dollar-denominated portfolio which invests outside of South Africa. A South African Investor using rand to invest requires South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and South African Revenue Service (SARS) clearance to take funds offshore. The Investor will invest and disinvest US dollars as opposed to rand.


The fund is a class of shares in an open-ended investment company listed on the Irish Stock Exchange and is regulated by the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority.

Fund Objective

The objective and mandate of this fund is to provide a high and growing income stream from a portfolio of internationally listed real estate securities as well as long-term capital growth. The investment universe for this fund is listed real estate securities on international stock markets. The fund benchmark is a yield comparable to the JP Morgan Global Bond Index Yield.

Key Features

Currency USD
Fund Classification Offshore (Real Estate)
Unit Class A
Minimum Initial Investment $1,000
Minimum Additional Investment Any amount
Distribution Declaration Dates 28 February, 31 August
Payment Dates 31 March, 30 September
Risk Category Moderately Aggressive
(risk category)

Fund Limits and Constraints

The fund endeavours to be fully invested in listed real estate securities worldwide, and reports in US dollars.

Fees and Charges (excluding VAT)

Advisor Initial Fee maximum 3.0%
Advisor Annual Fee 0.25% or 0.5%
Marriott Initial Fee 0%
Marriott Annual Management Fee 1.0%

Asset acquisition costs, audit fees, trustee/depositary fees, bank charges, levies/taxes, share listing fees, share creation fees and service charges are levied against the portfolio.

Marriott International Funds PLC invests on behalf of investors in shares traded on a regulated market. The European Union (Shareholders' Rights) Regulations 2020 therefore oblige Marriott International Funds PLC to make available on its website an engagement policy or to publicly explain why that policy is not in place. Marriott International Funds PLC is currently developing an engagement policy and will make it available on its website as soon as it has been finalised. The European Union (Shareholders' Rights) Regulations 2020 were published on 24 March 2020 and came into effect on 30 March 2020 with no transitional provisions.