Save for retirement in a tax-efficient way. Our Retirement Annuity grows your retirement capital giving you a more predictable outcome so that you can draw a reliable monthly income when you retire. Read our advertorial on how Marriott creates certainty in retirement planning, even in volatile markets.

The benefits of investing in a Retirement Annuity

Tax deductible

Contributions are tax deductible up to 27.5% of your taxable income (max. R350,000).

Tax free returns

No income tax, no DWT, no PAYE on your investment returns.

Disciplined saving

Access to savings from age 55 (except due to emigration, ill-health or disability).

Long-term growth

Long-term investment returns combined with the benefit of compounding.


RAs can't be attached by creditors and are free from estate duty and executor fees.

Transfer tax-free

Transfer into an annuity and only pay tax on the income you draw.

Investment Choice:

Choose between the Marriott Balanced Fund as the default managed portfolio (Reg 28), or a select range of Marriott Unit Trusts (use our online tool to create your own Reg 28 portfolio).


Automatically reinvested to accumulate capital.


Capital is accumulated through the tax-free reinvestment of income, and from growth in this income.


  • Contributions: Tax deductible up to 27.5% of the higher of your remuneration or taxable income, to a maximum of R350,000 (This is on total contributions to all retirement funds. If you contribute more you can carry them over to the next tax year).
  • Income: No Income Tax.
  • Dividend Withholdings Tax is not applicable.
  • Capital: No Capital Gains Tax (CGT).


  • Rebalance your portfolio at any time, no CGT incurred.
  • Start, increase or cancel your debit order at any time.
  • Top up your investment with additional lump sums at any time.



  • On emigration – full withdrawal permitted, subject to tax.
  • If investment amount is below R15,000 – subject to tax.

At Retirement:

  • Unvested Benefits: A maximum of 1/3 of the retirement benefit value can be taken as a cash lump sum (taxable). The remainder must be used to purchase an income in retirement (tax-free transfer), subject to the annuity threshold.
  • Vested Benefits: 100% of the retirement benefit value can be taken as a cash lump sum (taxable).


You may nominate dependants and beneficiaries. Beneficiaries can elect to receive a lump sum (subject to tax legislation) or to transfer the investment to an annuity.

Fees Technical Information
Marriott Initial Fee

Advisor Initial Fee
(paid from consideration received)

Max 3%
Marriott Annual Management Fee
Fund Choice:
Personalised fee determined by portfolio choice
Managed Portfolio:
Balanced Fund Class A: 1.75%
Balanced Fund Class C: 1.25%

Advisor Annual Fee
(paid from distributions earned)

Fund Choice:
Max 0.75%
Managed Portfolio:
Balanced Fund Class A: Max 0.75%
Balanced Fund Class C: Max 1.00%

Intermediary Admin Fee
(paid from Marriott Annual Management Fee to Advisor)

Fund Choice:
Managed Portfolio:
Balanced Fund Class A: 0.25%
Balanced Fund Class C: 0%

Please note that fees are quoted excluding VAT.

Lump Sum
R10 000
Additional Investment
R1 000
Debit Order
  Income Details
All distributions earned are reinvested
  Client Statements
Quarterly Statements
Dated as at the end of Feb, May, Aug, Nov
Annual Reporting
Contribution Certificate (for tax perposes)