The Personal Portfolio is designed to accumulate new capital and to grow the value of your investment, allowing you to build your retirement capital whilst having flexibility for future needs. Your investment choice will produce a reliable income which is automatically reinvested until it is needed, and your capital is accessible at any time.

Investment Choice:

Choose between the Marriott Balanced Fund as the default managed portfolio (Reg 28), or a limited range of Marriott Unit Trusts (no Reg 28 restrictions).


Automatically reinvested to accumulate capital.


Capital is accumulated through the reinvestment of income, and from growth in this income.


  • Income: Dividend Withholdings Tax is deducted by Marriott from dividends earned and paid to SARS directly. Personal Income tax is applicable to the income earned from your investment.
  • Capital: Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on rebalances, switches and withdrawals.


  • Rebalance your portfolio at any time.


Withdrawals can be made at any time, but are a CGT event.


The investment forms part of your estate (no beneficiary nominations).

Fees Technical Information
Marriott Initial Fee

Advisor Initial Fee
(paid from consideration received)

Max 3%
Marriott Annual Management Fee
Fund Choice:
Personalised fee determined by portfolio choice
Managed Portfolio:
Balanced Fund Class A: 1.75%
Balanced Fund Class C: 1.25%

Advisor Annual Fee
(paid from distributions earned)

Fund Choice:
Max 0.75%
Managed Portfolio:
Balanced Fund Class A: Max 0.75%
Balanced Fund Class C: Max 1.00%

Intermediary Admin Fee
(paid from Marriott Annual Management Fee to Advisor)

Fund Choice:
Managed Portfolio:
Balanced Fund Class A: 0.25%
Balanced Fund Class C: 0%

Please note that fees are quoted excluding VAT.

Lump Sum
R50 000
Additional Investment
R10 000
Debit Order
  Income Details
All distributions earned are reinvested
  Client Statements
Quarterly Statements
January, April, July and October
Annual Reporting
IT3b and IT3c