Save for Retirement

Grow your retirement capital so that you can draw a reliable monthly income when you retire.

Retirement Annuity

A tax efficient vehicle for individuals wanting to save for retirement or supplement their existing retirement savings.

Preservation Fund

Preserve retirement savings when changing employment or at retrenchment in a tax efficient manner.

Draw an Income

Draw a reliable monthly income during retirement or reinvest the income to compound investment return.

Living Annuity

Our Perpetual Annuity is an investment linked life annuity that provides a consistent and reliable monthly annuity.

Income Solution

Providing a consistent and reliable monthly income from your personal savings to fund your lifestyle.

Invest your Savings

Grow your personal wealth but also have access to it when you need it.

Unit Trusts

Invest into a Marriott unit trust fund that suits your personal investment objectives.

Personal Portfolio

Designed to accumulate capital and grow the value of your capital.